Thankyou for visiting The Denmark Health Shop’s online store. Please be patient with us as this site is still undergoing development! Many product pictures and descriptions have still to make their way to their correct places. The foundations have been laid and many levels are in progress!

If you have visited our bricks and mortar store you will know we have thousands of products and we would love to be able to wave a wand and have all of them magically appear hear with fabulous photos and quirky and cool descriptions. However… it is a big big job. So please please be patient and in time this site too will be jam packed with our full range of products.

Please use this site to browse products and/or place your orders. You can add items to the cart and process orders, however we will contact you to organise payment and delivery.


Wednesday & Fridays we get a fresh delivery of sourdough bread from BredCo. Call or text to place an order so you don’t miss out! 98481039 0r 0481 821 039